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Introducing the CompanyCultureMonitor

CompanyCultureMonitor is an unique tool which supports an organisation in achieving an engaged staff and a shared state of a companies desired culture values and behaviour. In 6 weeks or less we deliver the insights you need to tune your organisation towards further succes. We provide the dashboard for effective actions to increase performance and lower costs via the "softer"values.

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To be used by professionals and consulting firms

The CompanyCultureMonitor is developed to be used by professionals and consulting companies in serving their clients in processes around strategic change, turnaround management, lean operations, M&A, performance improvement or any process in which the measurement of these values and behaviours are important.
It fits in with your processes easily and can be delivered in your brand / logo signature.

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CompanyCultureMonitor measures on multiple levels

CompanyCultureMonitor measures on an individual level and aggregates on any segment our clients prefer; department, location, function, business process, etc. 
Culture values are appreciated by your staff and the monitor tells where to take action to strenghten, preserve or adjust. Again on multiple levels: company as a whole, department, locations, in between departments and locations, etc.

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More grip on motivating your staff

Engaged and Motivated  staff has a great impact on your customers and can increase your turnover

Engaged and Motivated staff also  reduces costs

  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Reduces absence levels
  • Reduces the costs of recruiting / finding new staff
  • Lowers the pressure on increasing the wages

Provides a dashboard for the executive board or supervisory board regarding the state of mind in the company and level of coherence


Looking for benefits at Mergers & Acquisitions
Identify culture differences on the shopfloor and higher in the ranks,
who can learn from whom, which groups should be more connected

Supports Collaborative innovation projects
Identify the partners with the best “click” and take appropriate actions
to intensify with the partners you need but find it difficult to communicate with

Find the role models to support change programs
Working with the “informal” leaders increases the rate of
succes inmajor change programs. With CCM you can identify
them in a peer-to-peer approach

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CompanyCultureMonitor can be reached via email at sales@companyculturemonitor.com or give us a ring at +31641182393
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Based on research and experience

CompancyCultureMonitor is based on unique software which has been developed to really map the perceptions of staff in large, multi locations, multi department organisations. The software has been rolled out for many years. The CompanyCultureMonitor is operational since summer 2015. On request we can give more details on our client base