Hans Slijp has an extensive carreer in change and project management. With a background in economics and business administration Hans has learned the tricks of the trade at major consulting firms such as KPMG and PA Consulting. He has worked for customers around the globe both in the private and public sector. His passion is with supporting true change in organisations combining a better performance in sales and operations with a increased level of fun and satisfaction at both managers and employees. 
Hans firmly believes in the concept of collaboration where in todays business environment the need for speed and project based cooperation is essential to meet the needs and requirements of customers and staff.


Over the years Hans has been involved and or responsible for major projects such as:

  • Strategic transition of leading department store in The Netherlands in logistics and operations
  • Performance improvement at major manufacturer of defence equipment
  • Cultural and organisational change in leading Telecomsprovider in The Netherlands
  • Collaboration in international telecoms between major operators in multiple European countries
  • Integration of two leading Off shore engineering companies in Europe
  • Managing global Y2K / Millennium project for Fortune 500 Electronics company
  • Strategic change for Electrical Engineering sector in The Netherlands
  • Changing the roles and position of the Chambers of Commerce
  • Supporting Changing system (agenda and finance) of system of Applied Technology institutes in The Netherlands
  • Developing new collaborative institute to support innovation in Electrical Engineering sector in The Netherlands
  • Collaborative projects to develop new High Tech medical devices in Europe