Delivered by an experienced team

Change management

The team behind CompanyCultureMonitor has extensive experience in leading and managing major change projects in small and large organisations and companies. Both from the angles of strategic change and performance improvement. In all cases we have learned effective change is based on leveraging the change agents in the organisation and ensuring a shared and accepted vision of the values (current and preferred) of the organisation

Project management

In the plus 30 years of experience supporting and delivering the CompanyCultureMonitor the team has delivered multiple successfull assignments in delivering changes in culture, performance and structure in small and large organisations and companies. We have a track record in delivering in time and against budget


The CompanyCultureMonitor instrument is build on a technology platform which has proven its value over the recent years. This platform also serves large implementations regarding a leading knowledge management and knowledge sharing application. The platform operates in critical enviroments such a commercial banks, commercial engineering companies, tax authorities, etc.

The team behind CompanyCultureMonitor

Our team is based on the combination and integration of two major competencies and backgrounds supported by a team of ICT wizzards who are able to implement the CCM application smoothless in any environment. Key backgrounds are international consultancy which is delivered from people like our teamleader Hans Slijp. Hans has extensive experience as business consultant with major international consultancy firms such as KPMG and PA Consulting Group. Hans has lead numerous assignments which incorporated both diagnostics, strategic redesign and change implementation. On the technology competence people we use the staff of Guruscan, a company which specializes in knowledge diagnostics and knowledge sharing solutions. Both inter and intra companies. The overall CompanyCultureMonitor team counts plus 8 people and is available to work with you.