CompanyCultureMonitor for professionals and consulting companies

The CompanyCultureMonitor is developed to be used by professionals and consulting companies in serving their clients in processes around strategic change, turnaround management, lean operations, M&A, performance improvement or any process in which the measurement of these values and behaviours are important.

Applying the CompanyCultureMonitor as part of a large scale strategic or business transformation process is simple. The process requires a 4 steps approach:

  • Step 1: The intake/preparation
    In this step the parameters are choosen and set by the client organisation (the object of research). These activities can be conducted by the consulting team serving the client organisation (after a briefing by the CompanyCultureMonitor team). If needed the CompanyCultureMonitor team provides consultancy support in discussing and selecting the options. This can be achieved via meetings, workshops or other forms of collaborative process.
    The data collection activities are planned, the supportive data from the client organisation is made available and the web-based questionaire is customised (logo's, lay-out, content, lanquages). Staff is informed via a client driven communication process.

  • Step 2: The data collection
    Selected staff is invited to use a secure link and to respond to simple questions regarding the company values and culture. Response rate is monitored and reminders are send to staff if needed. Click here to watch a short video on the data collection process.
  • Step 3: Analysis and Reporting
    After the data collection step is formally ended data processing starts at CompanyCultureMonitor. Analysis and report production is integrated with initial recommendations. The result is the CCM base report
  • Step 4: Hand over
    Key findings are presented in a face-to-face session (Skype is an option) with consulting team serving the client organisation. This can be followed by session with the client organisation. In the hand over session recommendations are presented and elaborated given the interactive feedback of the consultants/client organisation. Raw data is transferred back to client organisation. A final report is delivered based on the results and proceedings of the hand over session.

The overall leadtime of the process described above is between 5 and 10 weeks.

CompanyCultureMonitor as a stand alone tool

The CompanyCultureMonitor can also be used on an isolated base without being part of a large scale project. Applied in this way the CompanyCultureMonitor provides a dashboard for our clients to measure both the current situation in a company or organisation and the progress made in improving the performance in certain culture values and behaviours. A similar process as described above will be used. When the CCM tool is used to measure progress the first step in the process can be very short.