Introducing the CompanyCultureMonitor

CompanyCultureMonitor is an unique tool which supports an organisation in achieving an engaged staff and a shared state of a companies desired culture values and behaviour. The CompanyCultureMonitor enables a company to measure both the alignment between the formal company values and the support by its staff of these values and behaviours. And thus turn fact based insights into effective actions in which management and staff collaborate on moving further in company characteristics such as customer focus, teamwork, creativity, transparency, flexibility/agility to name a few.

The CompanyCultureMonitor is developed from many years of experience and success in measuring and assessing an organisations performance regarding knowledge management. In doing so the team behind the CompanyCultureMonitor has designed and improved tools for staff in multi-layer, multi-location, multi-department, multi-country organisations to identify and capitalize on both the explicit and implicit/tacit knowledge embedded in people within the organisation. These knowledge management tools support companies to truly measure the status and value of the knowledge base and supports organisations to truly exploit this knowledge thus delivering competitive advantage in today’s customer needs driven markets.
This same technology has now been adapted to support companies in effectively addressing the “hidden” values in a companies culture.

If you want to learn more on the posibilities of knowledge management take a look at our partnersite "guruscan"